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  • Aggregate your Vote power

    Aggregate your Vote power

    If you have participated in Project Catalyst voting in any of the first 9 funds, you may well have suffered the pain of creating multiple voting keys/QR codes to ensure you can vote with all the ADA you hold across multiple wallets. We are moving away from this being a problem, and if you are…

  • Building Trust, Transparency, and Social Impact: Revolutionizing Stake Pool Selection on Cardano

    Building Trust, Transparency, and Social Impact: Revolutionizing Stake Pool Selection on Cardano

    In the vibrant Cardano ecosystem, stake pool operators (SPOs) play a crucial role. However, ensuring trust and transparency in stake pool selection has been a challenge. That’s where our groundbreaking project comes in. We have developed a solution that empowers ADA holders to verify financial giving promises, track impact, and make a meaningful social impact…

  • Project Catalyst Fund 10

    Project Catalyst Fund 10
  • Nunet airdrop available for qualifying FLUID Pool delegators

    Nunet airdrop available for qualifying FLUID Pool delegators

    We have been selected as one of the Cardano Stake pools eligible for delegators participating in the Nunet Earndrop. Read on for more detail. Please visit the Nunet post and give it a clap on Medium. NTX Liquid Earndrop With TosiDrop Greetings NuNetopians, We are pleased to announce a program that will reward users for…

  • Partnering with Astarter

    Partnering with Astarter

    We are now an official Merge Staking partner pool to the Astarter project which is building out the Emurgo-backed DeFihub on Cardano include: – DEX – Launchpad – Money Market – and Tech Service. This means we are adding $AA token rewards to our staker bonus rewards programme.It’s a great time to join us! —…

  • Machiavellic


    Check out this interview with the upcoming MMORPG being built on Cardano. We are one of their partner pools and are enjoying the fun of role-playing the part of violent hardliners! Also, please visit the original article on Medium and give it a clap! … Introducing FLUID pool — Hardliners faction Hello Jonathan, could you…

  • Meet me at the Summit!

    Meet me at the Summit!

    The Cardano Summit season has come around again, and this time the main event is in Lausanne in Switzerland, but there are events and expos going on all around the world. London is again hosting an event, this time organised in typical de-centralised fashion by the Upstream team. These guys run the London Cardano socials…

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