Nunet airdrop available for qualifying FLUID Pool delegators

We have been selected as one of the Cardano Stake pools eligible for delegators participating in the Nunet Earndrop. Read on for more detail.

Please visit the Nunet post and give it a clap on Medium.

NTX Liquid Earndrop With TosiDrop

Greetings NuNetopians,

We are pleased to announce a program that will reward users for holding NTX in a Cardano wallet, with claiming being done through our new partner TosiDrop. This will be similar to our previous Earndrop campaign involving SPOs, with the added requirement of holding NTX. We are calling this program “NTX Liquid Earndrop”. Read on for all the details of how to participate.


Both of the following requirements must be met for a user to qualify to claim rewards from NTX Liquid Earndrop:

1. Hold at least 10,000 NTX in a private Cardano wallet (holding more will increase rewards).

2. Have at least 150 ADA in the same wallet and delegate to one of the single stake pools on this list:


The first snapshot for rewards will occur on February 4th at 9:45 PM UTC (this is the time of day that all Cardano epoch snapshots take place). Users wishing to participate must have their NTX and be delegated to a chosen stake pool before this time in order to qualify for the first epoch of rewards.

Rewards will first start being claimable on February 14th, after the epoch snapshot, on the TosiDrop website. Users can wait until after all the epochs in the program and claim at the end. This NTX Liquid Earndrop round will go for 10 Cardano epochs, meaning it will begin on February 14th and end on March 31st. Users will have 6 Cardano epochs to claim their reward, so after April 30th they will become unavailable to claim.

We hope the community will enjoy this NTX Liquid Earndrop with TosiDrop

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