Meet me at the Summit!

The Cardano Summit season has come around again, and this time the main event is in Lausanne in Switzerland, but there are events and expos going on all around the world. London is again hosting an event, this time organised in typical de-centralised fashion by the Upstream team. These guys run the London Cardano socials throughout the year and are ideal for running a major event like the Summit.

The event runs on Sunday the 20th November and FLUID Pool will be representing!

I’ll be joining a panel of 5 SPOs to talk about what drives us to plough time and money into supporting the Cardano blockchain.

The venue is full to capacity, so unfortunately you can’t join us in the flesh at this stage. Checkout the Event Chat for updates on the schedule and for links to connect with us online.

The main event in Switzerland will be streaming all weekend, and the IOG team’s ScotFest kicked off today!