Cardano Q&A 3rd February, 2023

Our weekly discussion and demonstration of projects in and around the Cardano ecosystem. Practical answers and How-to guides on all things Catalyst and Cardano.

00:00 Introduction Optim Finance
04:10 Screen share FLUID Pool
11:38 SPO Bonds
14:47 Question how do you get your money back
17:45 Question promoting the Pool
24:16 DJed and Shen live
40:14 Question Buying Shen does it fluctuate as well
41:46 Question Does the connector in the right corner work for you
48:07 Nami wallet
56:42 Question if you got funds in the Pool can you exchange it
57:57 Question what happens with Leger x
1:01:11 Maybe invest in COTI
1:04:23 Liquid Finance launch
1:09:40 Self restarted
1:12:01 Mint NFT now
1:16:00 Fluid Pool article and MACHIAVELLIC game
1:17:43 Question new NFT for game
1:19:00 Short list in the Teddy Pool
1:22:08 Screen share ADAPULSE
1:22:58 Astarter

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