Cardano Q&A 10th February, 2023

Our weekly discussion and demonstration of projects in and around the Cardano ecosystem. Practical answers and How-to guides on all things Catalyst and Cardano.

00:00 Introduction
07:59 Question Where can you buy the NTX Token
08:30 Nunet screen share
13:12 Question what’s the dates for the Earndrop
17:13 Astarter thread
21:20 Machiavellic play to earn game
24:10 Gimbal Labs
28:40 ZiberBugs screen share
30:09 Question Optim converting is that all I have to do
33:42 FLUID Pool screen share
38:55 Screen share on exchanging money to Token
40:10 Eternl wallet share
45:45 Lace wallet share
49:31 Question when I install Eternl wallet must I use same browser
51:34 Browser share to explain
57:17 Question nothing else we need to do with Astarter
1:01:37 Create wallet share
1:04:10 Question any update on Midnight and DUST
1:07:26 Question on Eternl wallet

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