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  • Catalyst Voting Power

    Catalyst Voting Power

    Project Catalyst is a community-driven initiative within the Cardano blockchain ecosystem that empowers ADA holders to propose and vote on platform improvements and projects. If you hold more than 500 ADA you can participate in Project Catalyst voting and receive a free incentive paid in ADA. You simply need to place a single vote to…

  • Our 30 minute guide to Cardano Staking

    Our 30 minute guide to Cardano Staking

    A step-by-step live walk-through on how to delegate to FLUID Stake Pool, register on Discord for bonus rewards, and gain access to Staker-only top tips! 📣 Telegram Announcements:📧 Subscribe to the mailing list: 🏟 Go deeper with Catalyst Discord: ⚙️ Get lost in data:🎉 See our Catalyst proposals: Timestamps: 01:18…

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