Catalyst Fund 9 Voting Snapshot

The voting snapshot for Fund 9 will be taken tomorrow at 11:00 UTC, 4/Aug/2022

If you intend to take part, please register now to be sure you can vote and earn your voter rewards!

You can check IOHK’s guide for full instructions

Or read on…

Quick Start Guide

  1. Make sure your wallet is staked with FLUID Pool and holds a minimum of 500 ADA

The Voting app will tell you it is 450 ADA, but we suggest 500 ADA as that includes a safety margin.
Your wallet balance may include staking rewards that will need to be claimed into your main address first to count toward your voting power. Cost ~0.17 ADA
You also have a Voting registration transaction fee to pay of ~0.17 ADA

  1. Install the latest version of the Catalyst Voting app on your mobile device – version 0.1.20
  1. Follow the in-wallet guide for creating a Voting registration transaction in your wallet’s “Voting” tab
  2. Save, secure and backup the QR Code created in your wallet. You can use it in subsequent voting rounds.
  3. Use the mobile Catalyst Voting app to Scan the Voting QR Code in your wallet

After August 11th, your voting power will be displayed in the Voting App, and you can start exploring the Challenges and Proposals to decide the future direction of the $16M Catalyst Fund.

Remember every Voter will be rewarded with ADA, so a sure-fire way of growing your holdings!
We’d love your vote on the proposals FLUID7 is involved in.

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